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The Outpost’s gritty realism shows America’s war in Afghanistan

As America ends its formal 20-year combat commitment to Afghanistan, viewers might find The Outpost…

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Suicide Squad’s redeemable sociopaths make the mayhem enjoyable

The plot of the James Gunn’s 2021 version of the movie Suicide Squad is thin….

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Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is all fun parody

Everything about Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is a spoof of the action movie genre. This includes…

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i am ALL GIRLS is a crime thriller carrying a dark message

i am ALL GIRLS (2021) is a dark thriller from South African which dives deep…

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Lady Driver bolstered by wonder of dirt-track car racing

Streaming: Netflix I couldn’t help thinking that if NASCAR made movies like Lady Driver the…

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The Rhythm Section carried by strong performance from Blake Lively

Stephanie is on a quest to kill the terrorists that murdered her family – violently

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Strong storylines and characters lift Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix limped into the box offices over its first weekend and seems destined to…

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