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Ready…set…launch–St. Nic, Inc. takes off on August 19th!

St. Nic, Inc., my fourth novel, is set to officially launch on Tuesday, August 19, 2014. Check out the book trailer!  Check it out!

Also, check out my website for reviews and other links! (

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About “Adaptation”

Welcome to Adaptation, my blog on the “business” of writing and publishing. The name may seem odd, but that’s what I keep thinking about when pondering the foibles, challenges, dynamics, and potential of the modern publishing world. Among the core questions this blog will ask, and make a stab at answering, are:

  • How is technological change creating opportunities for modern writers?

  • What factors go into making a successful writing project?

  • What factors go into making a commercially successful writing project?

  • What and how does marketing affect my success as an author?

  • How is technology fundamentally changing the relationship between author and publisher?

These questions are just a start, and this blog is just getting off the ground. Stay tuned as we make our way through various publishing “adventures,” trying to learn from our mistakes and leverage our successes. The blog itself will also change, evolve and improve as well. Feel free to comment, and even suggest futures posts based on your own questions.

Thanks for visiting, and see you soon!

Like what your read? We'll make it easy for you to share....