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Despite Flaws Last Christmas entertains on strength of Emilia Clarke’s performance

Emilia Clarke lifts “Last Christmas” in an excellent example of her versatility as an actress

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Martin Scorsese ushers up another epic in The Irishman

Clocking in at over three hours, Martin Scorses ushers in another epic crime story.

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The Lighthouse mixes horror and psychology in time for the holidays

The Lighthouse is a spotlights top notch performances by Willem Defoe and Robert Pattinson in this psychological horror film.

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Renee Zellweger stands out as Judy

Judy the biopic of the last year of Judy Garland’s life, moves on the strength…

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Wild Rose‘s performances tell poignant story of hope and personal responsibility

A Scottish girl working on the economic margins of Glasgow, Scotland wants to be a…

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Bharat is a Bollywood story of tragedy, sacrifice, social justice, and personal growth

Bharat had a strong opening in India and has emerged as one of Bollywood’s highest…

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Aladdin is pleasant, summer diversion

Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin is good solid fare for young ones, but alas does…

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Rocketman soars with fantasy and music

Rocketman, the musical-fantasy-biopic of British pop music virtuoso Elton John, is a remarkable achievement in…

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The Kid carried by story and earnest performances

For those looking for a good old-fashioned western movie, The Kid is probably their cup…

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Five Feet Apart propelled by poignant story of survival, love, and sacrifice

Occasionally, I am at odds with many movie critics. Such is the case for Five…

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