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“St. Nic, Inc.” and Dwarfism Awareness Month

October has been designated as Dwarfism Awareness Month, and Little People of America (LPA) has kicked off a series of activities geared toward raising the profile of little people. Of course, little people are critical to the plot, setting, and story of St. Nic, Inc., so we have created a few pages to help in the effort. So head over to www.srstaley.com and check out these pages:

You also can help out the efforts of LPA by buying St. Nic, Inc. from their website. It’s the first book listed under “Resources” and “Fiction with dwarf characters.” LPA gets a cut of every purchase made at amazon.com starting from their website.

Over 30,000 people in the U.S. live with one of the 200 types of dwarfism. Read St. Nic, Inc. and you just might kindle a new belief in Santa Claus through the little people that make this story so interesting.