Most Popular Posts for 2012

Well, the results are in, so to speak. The following are the top five blog posts in 2012 based on hits in this calander year (with date of original post):

1. How to Manage Sales Expectations (September 2011)
2. Suzanne Collins on Writing Novels (August 2011)
3. The Power of Movies (Versus Books) (March 2012)
4. Does a Writer Have to Sacrifice Story for Action? (February 2012)
5. Secret (Literary) Agent Math (June 2011)

Notably, three of the five stories were from 2011, suggesting once again that when we market we need to be invested for the long haul; it’s not a sprint.

Also, only Secret (Literary) Agent Math “survived” to stay on the Top Five list from 2011.

The high point the blog was in March 2012 when we received 2,512 visits! (We are averaging about 1,500 to 1,900 visits per month right now.)