Jurassic World: Dominion Falters on Weak Plot

Jurassic World: Dominion, while destined to be one of the summer’s block busters, falters on…

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Top Gun: Maverick soars higher than original

I was set to go see Top Gun: Maverick even though I knew it could…

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House of Gucci Can’t Take Off Despite Hollywood Royalty

Despite excellent performances by some of Hollywood’s leading starts, Ridley Scott’s (Alien, Blade Runner, Gladiator)…

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Peter Jackson’s The Beatles: Get Back makes long overdue correction to narrative

When I heard that Peter Jackson, perhaps the most versatile contemporary filmmaker today, was working…

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West Side Story and In The Heights present different immigrant stories

Two movies premiered in 2021 – West Side Story and In The Heights – with…

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Spider-Man: No Way Home keeps Marvel saga alive and fresh

Audiences are packing the theaters to see Spider-Man: No Way Home for good reason. In…

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Sérgio resists easy answers to global violence

Events unfolding in Afghanistan are likely to breathe new life into the movie Sérgio.  The…

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The Outpost’s gritty realism shows America’s war in Afghanistan

As America ends its formal 20-year combat commitment to Afghanistan, viewers might find The Outpost…

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In The Heights celebrates first gen Americans

My movie review of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s movie version of In The Heights is live on…

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Suicide Squad’s redeemable sociopaths make the mayhem enjoyable

The plot of the James Gunn’s 2021 version of the movie Suicide Squad is thin….

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