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Review: Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Reminding myself that the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise was inspired by a theme-park…

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Arrrrr pyrating good time in Algiers Point New Orleans

I had a great time at the Family Pyrate Day held in Algiers Point, New…

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Family Pyrate Day in New Orleans!

I’ve been late getting this up, but Confetti Kids and Old Point Bar in Algiers…

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Florida’s top local young-adult authors

National authors are easy to spot–they are the ones on the best-seller lists of the…

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How to fix Jack Reacher

I recently saw the Tom Cruise action film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. The movie…

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Isabella and Tortuga Bay close out 2016 with a boom!

The year 2016 will be logged as one of the most successful in my writing…

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4 ways Trump’s “locker room talk” leads to campus sexual assault

Video tapes of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump demeaning women and bragging about sexually assaulting…

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Isabella sails into gold at the FAPA President’s Awards

Tortuga Bay continues to generate enthusiasm and accolades as 2016 moves into its final months….

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Tortuga Bay advances in Royal Palm Literary Awards

I am really excited to announce that Tortuga Bay, the second book in the Pirate…

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Tracy Lawson’s “Ignite” piles on action, conspiracy and ideas

I have previously reviewed Tracy Lawson’s first and second books (Counteract and Resist) in her…

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