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Dwarfism, little people, and St. Nic, Inc.

Little people, or people with dwarfism, figure prominently in the award winning action novel St. Nic, Inc. for an important reason.

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Review: Wonder Woman is a smart, well executed action film

My movie review of Wonder Woman is live at the Independent Institute. I really liked…

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How to fix Jack Reacher

I recently saw the Tom Cruise action film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back. The movie…

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The art of visual storytelling: Deepwater Horizon

The action film Deepwater Horizon has a lot of elements that make it one of…

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Where do good female characters come from?

While recently researching blog posts about the Divergent film series, I ran across a 2011 blog post…

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Five take aways from the Royal Palm Literary Awards

St. Nic, Inc., my re-imagination of the Santa Claus myth through the lens of an…

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Game of Thrones and rape as a plot device

By SR Staley A virtual firestorm of debate erupted last month over a rape scene…

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Taking on book snobs: A manifesto for readers

By Claire W. Staley In my literary exploits, I have been confronted with many people…

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How dwarves ended up in St. Nic, Inc.: An unexpected journey

Little people figure prominently in my newest novel, St. Nic, Inc.  Moreover, the climax hinges on…

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What “The Equalizer” film told me about character development

I often gauge a movie’s value by whether it stimulates my thinking as a writer…

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