What New Authors Need to Do: Market

My money quote from Grael Norton, acquisitions editor for Wheatmark, during Wednesday’s webinar at the…

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Why Self-Publishing Has Such a Bad Reputation

One of the biggest hurdles authors of “small market” books have to overcome is the…

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New Review: A Warrior’s Soul is “Highly Recommended”

One of the problems I struggle with as an author is patience waiting for reader…

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How to Manage Sales Expectations

Oddly, I don’t remember obsessing over book sales for my first book. I had a…

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Don’t Skimp on Editing

Over at Blogging Authors, guest columnist Chris Hoole has a very important post on editing….

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What to Include in a Synopsis

Irene Watson has a nice post over at Readerviews.com, an on-line book reviewer, on what…

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More on Book Sales

A reader of my previous post on book sales (Books Sales By The Numbers), noted…

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The Hunger Games, Dialogue, and Voice

My new favorite young-adult series is The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The books…

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Book Sales By the Numbers

It may seem like an odd question, but when do you know your book’s a…

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On the Effectiveness of a Marketing Campaign

Perhaps the biggest barrier I faced with the publication of A Warrior’s Soul was a…

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